About Me

For most of my waking hours I go by the name Dad, but you don’t have to call me that.

As a stay-at-home dad I am never still. If I’m not running after two preschoolers, then I’m normally asleep. But when I get the chance, I am many more things. Some of those things include: Bonsai enthusiast, Chess player, and martial artist.

And if that wasn’t enough, I am now an Author and Entrepreneur. My first book is titled: Taking Charge – Making your healthcare appointments work for you. This draws on my experiences as both a nurse and a patient to provide other chronically ill patients with practical advice to help them achieve more from their healthcare appointments. You can find out more about the book here.

I started my new life as a British expatriate in October 2014, and I haven’t looked back since. Moving to the U.S. presented me with the opportunity to do the hardest, most underrated, underpaid, and most rewarding job in the world — which is funny, because I used to think my old job of being a Nurse was the hardest, most underrated, underpaid, and most rewarding job in the world.

I am also an Ankylosing Spondylitis (A.S.) ‘warrior’ and advocate. I used to blog about it, but now I concentrate my efforts on raising awareness for A.S. sufferers. If you want to learn more about A.S. — and you should do — check out my old blog, or this site.

If you want to chat, ask me a question, or provide some feedback, you can drop me an email.

Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads.