Martial Weekly: Serving the Community in a Different Way

Published: Sun 25 August 2019
Martial Weekly: Serving the Community in a Different Way

Almost 2 months ago I decided I wanted to give back to the Martial Arts community in what could be considered a more unconventional route. I decided to start a weekly newsletter filled with curated martial arts content. I called it Martial Weekly.

A few questions may be running through your head right now, and this post is an attempt at answering them for you. Of course, if there is something I haven’t answered, then please do ask in the comments below.

I training Shaolin Kempo, and as such, I try and follow the three Pillars of Kempo; not only in the dojo but in my life outside it, too. Many martial arts have something similar to the Pillars of Kempo, and I’m sure you’ll recognize these virtues in your own style, too. The three pillars are Service, Integrity, and Learning.

My decision to create Martial Weekly actually started through selfishness, in part. This is something that I wanted. A list of the best content from the web sent to me each week. I look around for something and found nothing. I tried to dismiss the idea with and “oh well” and move on. But the idea became somewhat sticky and tenacious. Coincidentally (perhaps) I was also currently thinking a lot about the none martial aspects of martial arts, and pondering on Pillars of Kempo introspectively. It dawned on me, maybe the idea of a curated newsletter wasn’t happenstance after all. That maybe this was something I needed to do to help me with my own self-development.

The why became clear, this was Service. I would take the content that I had consumed (and then some) and turn it into a free newsletter so that others could benefit from the teachings of the content, too. This also gave me a chance to better myself with Learning, through both the process of writing and curating the content, but in also the lessons passed on from the content itself.

Integrity is important to me. And I certainly wasn’t going to ruin my reputation by being spammy and sleazy. After all, the purpose is to be helpful. I very much believe in “what goes around, comes around”, so I want to give out as much positivity and kindness as I can, so that it will be returned to me one day. That’s why I have every intention to keep the newsletter free of spam, and free to everyone. This is not a money-making scheme. Though I do hope that one day it would attract (appropriate) sponsorship so that I can cover my costs of the software used to send out emails to a large list (I’m looking at you Century). I don’t intend to make a profit with Martial Weekly. If I break even, I’ll be more than happy.

So you’re probably wondering what is in the newsletter? Firstly, it’s 100% martial arts! Each newsletter currently has links and descriptions to roughly:

  • 10 – 12 news articles/blog posts
  • 2 – 4 podcast episodes
  • At least 5 videos
  • And a few events/seminars

This is the current format, but as time goes on I’ll be hoping to tweak this depending on feedback from readers. Whether they want more of one type of media or less of another etc.

Martial Weekly is style agnostic. I do not promote one style over another. I believe that we have more in common than not. We should be working together and not bickering online, to encourage more people to get into martial arts, regardless of style or system.

I also want to highlight, that if you have a piece of content you have created, or have seen something that has inspired you, Martial Weekly accepts submissions! So please do send me a link to anything you have that you’d like to submit for consideration. You will also get credit/attribution if you so choose to leave your name when completing the form. You can go to to submit your link.

If this is something that you might benefit from, I would encourage you to stop by and sign up for your weekly issue, which is currently sent out on Tuesdays.

As I said earlier, if you have any questions, please do leave them in the comments below. I’ll be happy to answer any you have.

Happy training.

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