White Lion Media

Full redesign and rebuild using the microframework - Flask. Deployed to AWS with Elastic Beanstalk and associate services. -

MBM Consultants

Complete redesign and moved the old website from WordPress to the static site generator, Pelican. –

Dance at Home

New site built from scratch. The design needed to be clean but fun. Helped with video hero and a foxtrot animation on the “Get Started” page. -

Migus Group

New site designed and created. Concise single page, mobile responsive, static website -

Personal Projects

Python Template Snippets — A VS Code extension

This VS Code snippet extension includes snippets for both the Jinja2 and Django template engines.

It is an open source project and issues can be submitted here

Movies to Watch

Never know what movie to watch? Now you can keep a portable list with you of any movie you have yet to watch. Search the movie database to find the what you are looking for or add movies manually. Create an account or login to start keeping track of your unseen movies.

Built using Python and Flask. Movie database search uses the OMDB API. And deployed to Heroku.

Click the link above to see the live version of the Web App.

Flask Project Creator - GUI

This is a simple GUI (using tkinter) for creating a new Flask project.

Simply input the project name, select directory/drive to save to, then hit create. Easy!

The project is then created using template files located in the 'Files' directory of the repo. It contains a basic template to start any Flask project. The HTML template was written by me and uses Bootstrap 3.

Bruce Lee Quotes

This is a must for any Bruce Lee Fan. The first part of this program scrapes a fan site for quotes by the legend. The second part sends that quote via text message (using Twilio) to the recipient.

I had this script running on PythonAnywhere for several months and was set to run each morning. I would wake up to an inspirational quote from the icon, Bruce Lee.

Wordpress Child Theme

This is a simple child theme for the 'Independent' Wordpress theme.

Zon's Top 100

This is a web scraper that scrapes a user selected Amazon Best Seller book category. The data collected contains: Category, Rank, Book Title, Author Name, Price, and Average Star rating. This is then written to a .csv file for the user to analyze the competition and/or use for AMS ad keywords.