Flask Project Creator - GUI

This is a simple GUI (using tkinter) for creating a new Flask project.

Simply input the project name, select directory/drive to save to, then hit create. Easy!

The project is then created using template files located in the 'Files' directory of the repo. It contains a basic template to start any Flask project. The HTML template was written by me and uses Bootstrap 3.

Bruce Lee Quotes

This is a must for any Bruce Lee Fan. The first part of this program scrapes a fan site for quotes by the legend. The second part sends that quote via text message (using Twilio) to the recipient.

I had this script running on PythonAnywhere for several months and was set to run each morning. I would wake up to an inspirational quote from the icon, Bruce Lee.

Wordpress Child Theme

This is a simple child theme for the 'Independent' Wordpress theme.

Zon's Top 100

This is a web scraper that scrapes a user selected Amazon Best Seller book category. The data collected contains: Category, Rank, Book Title, Author Name, Price, and Average Star rating. This is then written to a .csv file for the user to analyze the competition and/or use for AMS ad keywords.

Chess Game Analyzer

This app is currently a work in progress...

The aim is to:

  • Scrape api (json endpoint).

  • Write data to files.

  • Analyse data files for win/lose/draw ratio in the last year.

  • Analyse data files white/black ratio + win/lose/draw for each.

  • Analyse data files for starting positions used, and find the most common, analyze the win/lose/draw for each.

  • Output the files to CSV/EXCEL spreadsheet.