Hi, I'm Ricky.

I'm a Web Developer, Author, and Martial Artist.


My name is Ricky White. I’m a web developer focused on providing affordable solutions for individuals, small businesses, and non-profits looking to develop their first web presence.

I’m also the author of a best-selling book and a long-time blogger with a passion for writing. Most web developers do not write their own web copy. So if you need copywriting for your new website (whether I’m coding it or not) then I can provide that for you, too. There’s no need to hire a separate copywriter.

In my spare time, I am many things: a martial arts instructor, a bonsai enthusiast, a patient advocate, and I am the vice chairman for a registered (501c3) non-profit. All of these help me put real world experience into solving your problems, ensuring that your needs — and your customers’ needs — are the priority in any project.

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Ashleigh Taylor Kidney Appeal

This new non-profit needed their first web presence. I, of course, was happy to help them meet their needs.

Click the image to check out the website, and consider donating.

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Wordpress Child Theme

A child theme for the Independent Wordpress theme. I built this for the first iteration of my blog.

You can download it from Github by clicking the image, and change as you need.

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